⚚ The Magician ∞

(Yod ⚚ ∞ Aleph)

A great starting point for my venture into creating this site! The magician is the true master over all the others cards – we can see this in Waite’s depiction of the suits (clubs, swords, cups, and pentacles) spread out on the table before him. Since the magician is synonymous with Yod in the tetragrammaton, we can surmise that all the other cards are expressions of this one card. While the Magician can be regarded as Yod, he is at the same time Aleph (perhaps more so) because in numerology 10 = 1+0 = 1. Jumping ahead, the X card is the Wheel of Fortune and can be associated with the goddess Fortuna. In Roman mythology, Fortuna was the daughter of Hermes… As I progress on the site, I will be paying special attention to the relationship between these two cards (I and X) and the links that exists between Hermes (Thoth) and Fortuna.